Friday, July 17, 2009

My sisters visit was so much fun. I don't think I can describe our relationship in words. We've been together since conception and it seems that no amount of time or distance can take away from our bond. We are literally like to halves that make up a whole. I miss her desperately and am so hopeful that she'll move back here very soon. This visit with her was exactly what I imagine life to be once she moves here, campfires in the evening, our kids running around like they've eaten an entire bag of sugar, and the two of us laughing just because it feels good to laugh.

Life at the Jackson house hasn't slowed down one bit. The new job is a job. That is the best thing I can say about it at this point. It's a brand new store and the kinks are still being worked out so I'm sure it will get better. The photography business is taking off slowly but surely. I'm having so much fun photographing families, couples, and weddings. My next wedding is this coming Thursday on the beach! I can't wait!

Hayden is growing as fast as ever. His two top teeth are coming in and they are adorable. He's so close to walking we're all holding our breath for those first few steps. He's also learned how to crawl up the stairs. Luckily he hasn't attempted it without adult supervision. Time for a baby gate!

Erin is enjoying the lazy video game playing days of summer. She'll be leaving with my dad, step-mom, step-sister, and nephew for a trip to Atlantic City, Six Flags New Jersey, and the beach next week. She's going to have an amazing time.


Kristen said...

I'm so glad you had a wonderful visit! I know how good it is to have an old, close friend around--I can't imagine how good it must be with a sister. :)

We need pics of Hayden's teeth--I can't believe he's so close to walking! What a smart boy!

aola said...

I'm so glad you had such a good visit. I miss my sister so much, still.
That's really cool that they are taking Erin on their trip.