Friday, August 06, 2010

A message from the universe.

Sometimes life gets so crazy it takes a message from the universe or from Dawn in Wildwood, MO. to slow me down.

don't have to

Today I am taking a deep breath and letting go of all of the expectations I have for myself.  I'll pick some of them back up tomorrow, but for today I'm working on allowing myself to just be.  I'm accepting that it really is OK to not do everything.  It's even okay to do absolutely nothing sometimes.  The world will not end. Planets will not collide.

Thank you universe. Thank you Dawn.


Kristen said...

Love this. Wise words, Dawn (and Sandra). :)

Jen said...

I'm a firm believer that I can take a day and do absolutely nothing and that everything will be okay. You just need that every now and then. Just a day. did you take the picture when both of your hands are on the Dove wrapper?

aola said...

thanks, I needed that :)

so.. those last few dirty dishes that are still sitting on the stove can just stay there 'til tomorrow... so there.

Unknown said...

"I'm not doing anything today"
"But you did that yesterday"
"I'm not finished yet"

Sandra said...

Glad this little picture meant something to you ladies. :)

Cara you are so funny!