Saturday, October 23, 2010

A little more than 1/12 of the way there.

I eat, sleep, and breathe nursing school.  Anatomy definitions skip through my brain on a regular basis.  While watching "House", I mentally take note of the diagnosis that I have learned about in class.  It's exciting and exhausting.  A friend in school has been sleep-studying.  She literally wakes up to find herself searching for her text books so she can study. 
In a little less than a month we will begin clinical rotations.  It's the part I'm most excited about.  Book knowledge is important, but I can't wait to get my hands dirty.  I'm already looking into LPN to RN programs. 

On the home front things are going fairly smoothly.  Erin was recently chosen to go with 20 other students from her school to participate in a mock debate.  I wasn't able to go and watch her, but I did ask her a ton of questions and asked her if anyone there took photos.  She said she had a good time.  The band is playing their last home game today.  I have the camera and video camera ready. It's supposed to be a beautiful day too!

Hayden loves school.  He also loves Goldfish crackers and yogurt.  Each morning on our way to school he says hello and goodbye to all of the pumpkins he sees.  He also points out the cows and horses and makes the appropriate animal noise to go along with it. 


aola said...

HayHay and Zoe would have fun together - she likes little boys :)

Unknown said...

A friend of mine who was in nursing school said that her brain actually felt hot from how hard she was studying. Given that our brains consume 25% of our calories, I believe that. When I have a hard mental day at work I'm exhausted.

I'm glad you are loving it, and that the kids are doing well!

Kristen said...

Mock debate--how cool! Glad HayHay likes school so much--and you're enjoying it, too!