Saturday, August 06, 2011

I don't know where the last month has gone.  It's a bit of a blur.  My brain has been consumed with school.  I can barely believe that I will graduate in a little more than one month.  When I think of the transformation that has taken place over the last year I am amazed. I remember walking into class on the first day.  My heart was racing and I felt so unsure of what awaited me.  During orientation our administrator had us write down a three word phrase that fit our lives for that morning.  Some of my classmates wrote things like "I got lost.", "Where's the bathroom?", and "I'm so nervous.".   I wrote "The journey begins."  For me nursing isn't something I fell into or a choice I made because I felt I had no other option.  For as long as I can remember I have wanted to be a nurse, and I am almost there.  Sure, there will be much more schooling ahead.  I want to go on for my BSN, and I'd like to specialize in pediatric nursing.  This is just one small step in my journey, but when I look back it will be the small step that started it all.  The past year has had it's highs and lows.  Overall I'm grateful for the opportunity I've had to learn and grow as a person and nurse.  As difficult as some of it has been, I wouldn't trade a minute of it. Here's hoping that these last few weeks go by quickly and that I find the perfect job for me.


Unknown said...

I'm so glad you were sure of your decision and have kept to your purpose over the last year. I hope you get to finish all the way!

Last week an old power marketer friend of mine finished her nurse practitioner course, amazing stuff both of you!!

aola said...

You are such an amazing woman. I know this could not have been easy for you as a Mom of two, a wife, and all that entails. So very proud of what you have accomplished. I hope you achieve all your dreams.

McMom said...

Awesome!! I am so excited for you and so proud of you!!

You are where I would like to be someday- maybe- if I am brave enough! For now I Love my Medical Assisting job and they have said they love me! I make more an hour than I ever have working and my commute is literally 5 min down the hill! I contributing to our family and helping with all the expenses of having "big" kids. My baby turns 11 soon- where did the time go!?

I pray you get the perfect job!!

Sandra said...

Thank you all! It's been an interesting journey to say the least.

Cherri, it's great that you've found a job that makes you feel good and lets you contribute to your family. And that commute is awesome! I'll have to travel at least 20 minutes and probably more like 45. UGH! Oh well, it will be worth it.