Friday, December 07, 2012

Something like that

So much for the peace and quiet I thought these days would bring.  If anything, we are more busy than normal.  We visit Erin twice a week.  I don't mind the visiting.  We all seem to be getting along well and she seems to be trying.
I enrolled Hayden in school one day a week so he could get some peer interaction.  The poor boy was playing with the dogs like they were kids. He loves school and doesn't want to leave when I pick him up.  It does my heart good to see him engaged and playing with the other children when I pick him up.  He's been put in time out once, and it broke his heart.  He takes after me. When I was little my mom could look at me the wrong way and I'd cry. 
I attended a "Blue Christmas" service on Tuesday with my Aunt Susie.  It was a service dedicated to honoring those who have left us and acknowledging the pain and sadness that can exist this time of year.  I haven't been inside a church for any type of service in almost four years.  I appreciated the symbolism and rituals of the service. It's easy to move forward in life, to skip past acknowledging the pain of loss.  After all, life is so full it's easy to move from one thing to the next and just keep going. For the last few days I've though about the service and about ways to remember those we've lost as we celebrate this season.  How do you  honor/acknowledge those you've lost as you celebrate? 


aola said...

Trudy is really the only one I miss. I play her favorite Christmas music and think about her. I didn't get to go for my Day of the Dead visit to her grave site so maybe I will go sometime during this season.

Sandra said...

That is a great way to remember an honor her, Aola. I find that I have different ways of remembering for each person on my list. Sometimes I just hold their name in my heart for a few minutes and acknowledge the impact they had on my life. Sometimes I whisper to them and tell them how very much they are missed. Sometimes I feel like my list of losses is too much. But I'm grateful that I have had so many important people in my life. If they hadn't mattered to me their loss wouldn't be noticed.
It's obvious that your sister mattered so much to you!