Friday, July 29, 2005

Happy Birthday Edith

My friend Edith turned 72 today. She is an amazing woman with a zest for life. Her favorite food is cool whip! I'm learning a lot from Edith. She isn't affraid to try new things. Just this year, she is learning how to play piano and we are learning how to juggle together and it's been so much fun. It's hard, but neither of us are giving up.
Edith is an artist and her work is beautiful. I just bought one of her paitings and am so happy with it! I love her bright colors and crazy lines. It's like there is something inside her that is so excited to get out. It really comes across in her paintings!
Here's to you Edith! Happy birthday!

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aola said...

we made a new friend this week, Marjorie. She sounds a lot like your Edith. She is 79 and in a wheelchair but it doesn't slow her down a minute. She came to the studio to have some work done, loves jazz. Mark just fell in love with her.