Sunday, August 14, 2005

Swimming Pools & Movies Stars

Hollywood stars were out in abundance Friday night as "The Case of The Missing Garbage" premiered at the acclaimed PS Cinema in Sunnyvale, CA. Film star, Gina Bluhm, made her directing debut in this slap-stick comedy about a gumshoe detective played by the well known Jonathan Bluhm and a roving reporter played by Erin Jackson, an up and coming starlet. The film follows the two as they search for garbage that has mysteriously disappeared. Rumors that Cutie the dog made a guest appearance in the movie were confirmed by Broadway star Tori Diaz who was in attendance at last nights premier. Insiders said that the list of stars at the nights event included famous drummer John Jackson, comedians Jason & William, magician Jeremy Martin, and rapper D.J. just to name a few. Attendees were awe-struck when The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences performed a first ever on site awards ceremony presenting Jonathan Bluhm an Oscar for his role as Detective Whosamawhatsit and his counter part Erin Jackson with an Oscar for her role as reporter, PolyWoly Beaker.
The two stars appear to be taking their new found fame in stride and were gracious enough to sign autographs for fans who lined the red carpet. As with any red carpet event all eyes were on the celebrity couture, and these rising stars did not disappoint. Jonathan Bluhm stayed classic in a jacketless Armani Savers tuxedo while Erin Jackson returned to Hollywood’s glamour days in a white silk satin gown by S.A. Bouwer.
The evening ended with the two placing their hand prints in cement for their stars on the walk of fame. This is just the beginning for these talented actors and their fans can't wait for more.

While neither the people or events mentioned above are ficticious, the event was not a sactioned Hollywood premire. It was the brain child of a mom and an aunt who wanted two kids who made their own short movie to feel like real movie stars. Thanks to all of you who showed up and helped to make this a special evening for Erin and Jonathan. It's an event they will never forget!


aola said...

she definitely looks like a star!

Sandra said...

Thank you! I can agree with you since I had nothing to do with how she looks. :)