Sunday, September 04, 2005

Happy Birthday Jen!

Today is my friend Jen's birthday! Jen is an awesome woman! I couldn't imagine not having her as a friend. She's just started a new career and moved to a new place. It's a scary thing to leave all you know for the unknown, but she's brave! I know that you'll do great Jen!
Here are a few pictures I took in honor of Jen's birthday.
We are leaving for a camping trip today, and won't be back until Wednesday. It's a much needed trip for all of us. David finished this session of classes and was first in the class! I'm so proud of him! He's doing a great job. We celebrated at Dave & Busters last night. It was fun.
Until Thursday!


aola said...

Have fun!! See ya' when you get back.

much love

Anonymous said...

Hey!! Very cool picture! Things have been crazy on my end...I'll talk to you soon!-Jen