Thursday, September 15, 2005


In just one and a half days at work I have heard way too much B&M about the governments responce to huricane Katrina from women who are so far removed from the devistation that I can't image how they know exaclty what happened and when it happend without question. I guess they are relying on the oh-so-honest media.
I'm not aruging in defence of either side. I simply feel that the story isn't as black and white as the media makes it seem and that there will be plenty of time for Katrina investigations once the people closest to this tragedy are safe. It's dificult for me to accept the idea that this rest all on the shoulders of one man. We have local, state, and federal governments in that order for a reason. It seems to me that mistakes were made at each level, but given that this was a disaster beyond what most expected I can see how it could have happened. The problem I see is that a situation of human tragedy has been turned into nothing more than a politcal batle field. Aruging about who should have done what and when they should have done it does nothing for the victims, and using this disaster to vent your political frustration is discusting. Stop pointing figures and point your efforts in the direction of help.

This is a link to an interesting website of some people who stayed through Katrina. It's pretty much hour by hour.
Survival of New Orleans Blog


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