Sunday, September 18, 2005

Today was wonderful. We all slept in. David made a delicious breakfast of french toast and bacon. Erin and I layed around all morning. We wathced "Two Brothers" which is a cute movie.
We started having Sunday dinner at the table. We rarely have dinner at the table, and it's something I miss. Growing up, we always had dinner at the table and Sunday dinners were always special. We went to my grandparents house and had a family dinner. I have been spending all my time missing those type of traditions, and it just hit me that we should start some of our own, so Sunday diners will be spent at the table.
We started a new poker chip program with Erin. She has a list of ways to earn chips like cleaning her room, being ready for school on time, and helping out around the house. She has a list of ways to lose chips like aruging, saying "um" and "like", and complaining when asked to do something. She has a list of things she can buy with her chips like 30 minutes of t.v. or computer time, ice cream, root beer, craft time etc. We talked about the program tonight and she seems pretty excited about it. I cleaned her room top to bottom so she can have a fresh start. She's a good kid, she just needs a little more structure than we've been giving her. I know she'll do well with it.

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aola said...

very cool idea! you are a great mom.