Thursday, September 29, 2005

Who could have guessed?

When Erin was born a little over nine years ago, I never imaged she would one day call me mom. I was sixteen and thrilled to the core to be her aunt. I was there when she was born. It was a long and difficult labor that ended with a c-section. I paced the floor until the nurse brought her out. I was in love with her from the moment I saw her. I skipped many nights with my friends to be with her. Just holding her; in awe of her perfect fingers and toes. There were a few nights I even slept in her crib with her. As she grew so did our bond. We were shopping buddies and dancing partners. I melted each time she called me Nana, still never imagining that I could ever play the role of mother to her. When I moved to California, it was difficult for everyone in our family, but I worried the most about her. She was moving back in with my sister to a situation I couldn't control while in the same city much less from across the country. I called her often. She always found a way to make me smile. Once, she tried to stuff durritos through the phone and was absolutely confused when it didn't work. Over the next four years things progressed in a way that is only clear as I look back over them, and Erin came to live with us. One year ago today, we signed the papers that legaly made us a family.
"Who would have guessed? Who could have known? The roads we have taken would lead us home."

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aola said...

I remember when she was born, too. I remember taking care of her in the nursery and being amazed at how incredibly smart and advanced she was.
You and David are the best thing that could have happened for her. So very glad it is working out.