Sunday, October 30, 2005

I am feeling the tiniest bit better today. I haven't had a fever in two days which means either my bodys super virus fighter has finally won or it has given up and is allowing the virus to take up permanent residence. I'll be optimistic for the day and go with the first of the two.
My throat doesn't hurt and my glands don't seem to be swollen. Now, it's the feeling of exhaustion and the unbearable pain in my mouth I have to contend with. Vicoden and Lidocain don't seem to be any match for the pain. I tell myself that the pain lets me know it's healing. New cells are taking over sick ones. That has to be painfully right?
I have decided that one of the first things I am going to do once I am feeling better is go out to eat. I haven't had anything other than chicken broth and apple sauce in over a week. I don't know that I'll ever eat either of those again. I will probably give myself a week of feeling better and eating a little at a time before I go out. I don't want to get sick from to much all at once.
That's all the typing I have the energy for right now. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers. They are working.

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