Friday, October 28, 2005

Yesterday was the worst of it. At least that it what I am telling myself because if it wasn't I'm ready to throw in the towell. I had a fairly high temperature and I think I came pretty close to dehydration.
Thank God for Gina. We may disagree on religion but, she is really a loving caring person. She has been staying with me at night while David goes to school. She's made sure Erin had dinner and finished her homework. She's even tucked her into bed which I am completely envious of. I haven't gotten to hug my munchkin in a week now. Gina made me soup and cleaned my house. At a time when things were looking pretty bleak because I was scared to death of being left alone for the four hours David goes to school each night, Gina stepped in without anyone having to ask.


aola said...

WoW. That sure changes my opinion of Gina!! I'm so glad she is there for you. Is the pain getting any better?

Sandra said...

I don't know if anything is getting better. I feel like I'm going to be sick forever and I'm quite scared that this is going to last longer than I can stand it. Please pray for me.

aola said...

I wish I knew something to tell you to do that would help. But, I will pray.