Monday, December 19, 2005

I had a very long weekend. Saturday Gina and I took Erin to the audition which was an hour away. It was raining and foggy so the drive was nasty, but we made it there early which gave Erin plenty of time to get ready. It was her first audition and she was nervous, but she did really well. She memorized a commercial and showed a good amount of facial expression. The acting school gave her a call back which is good, but they are too expensive for us. There was an agent there, but I doubt she will get a call back from him because she doesn't have any experience. Overall, I think it was a great learning experience for her and it showed me that she is serious about wanting to be an actress. I'll put a little more effort into it now that I see it's something she really wants.
Saturday evening we had our Curves Christmas party. It was very nice. Went to The Cabana where we had our own room with a fire place. It was decorated for Christmas and the atmostphere was perfect. The food was delicious, and the company was enjoyable. I made scarves for each of the girls. They loved them! I was amazed that each scarf fit the personality of the recepient very well. In fact, they matched what each of the girls was wearing that evening.
Sunday I spent the morning cleaning and napping. We went to Daids company Christmas party in the evening. It was not as enjoyable as the Curves party, but it was nice. David and I sat at a table by ourselves which is what we prefer. We listend to the usual speach about how well the company is doing and how great the employees are all the while making snide comments between ourselves. This is the second year they have neglected to give the employees they call "great" Christmas bonuses. The bonuses were never much to begin with and I guess that's what makes them being taken away so offensive. I don't like working for a corporation, and I will be glad when we move on. It seems it's the same no matter what company you work for the money goes to the top and stays there. Their appreciation for those that do most of the work doesn't go beyond lip service.
It's a slow Monday here. It's dreary and rainy. The electricity has gone off twice. Standing in the middle of the circut repeating "change stations now" is not the best way to start the week.


aola said...

I really have such mixed feelings about Erin being an actress.. first knee-jerk response is "run like hell ... move her to PA"

But, I trust you to keep her grounded.

Sandra said...

I had the same knee-jerk response. That is why I have listened to 3 years of begging without doing anything about it. I thought it would just go away as she got older, but it hasn't. This is still the very begining stages and there is plenty of time for her to change her mind. I'm going to enroll her in some local theater groups. At the least, I think this will her her selfesteem. She lit up when she did her audition. At that age, I would have cried. Heck, I would probably cry now if I had to stand in front of to strangers and do a commercial for a camera, but it seemed to bring her to life.
We will keep her grounded for sure. :)