Wednesday, December 28, 2005

"Sacred beings we are, for the infinite camps
in our

Take a moment and allow those words to sink in. If this were real to us, if we could see the infinte in ourselves and one another as clearly as we see the sun in the sky, how would it change us? How would it change our interaction with those around us? If we could see beyond the muck and mire that clouds our souls, to the space where he dwells in each of us, how could anything else matter? To see clearly is to see the part in each of us which mirrors God. We are in our best and worst moments a reflection of him created in his image for his glory.
I want to delve deeper into you, past the walls you have built and the layers of lifes sediment to touch the place he dwells and be changed in the process. I want to see the sacred you.

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aola said...

very beautiful, Sandy. The Spirit must be moving.. I almost posted words from Annie Dillard this morning. I even thought about going to church somewhere tonight. I'm not sure why I think that would ever satisfy the need in me for more (it never did before)
Maybe I will take your advice and just be still and let those things form inside of me.