Wednesday, January 04, 2006

WARNING: Long Post Ahead

It's been a nice few days. David has been off work and school since Sunday which meant three full days of not having to work for him and three evenings of having him home to snuggle with. He did have to return to school last night and Erin was back in school so our schedule was back to normal. It was a quiet evening. Erin is at the delightful age when children are able to entertain themselves for the most part. I did teach her how to knitt which turned into quite an ordeal. I taught her to knitt about a year ago and she did well with it, but lost interest quickly and didn't think about it again until she saw me knitting. She picked it up again quickly, but didn't understand why she couldn't listen to music, watch t.v., and knitt all at the same time. She thought it would be fun for the two of us to knitt together, but that will have to wait. I had to stop every few stitches to fix what she had done. The first few times I was okay, but after the 26th time my patience was running out. I finally told her to either pay complete attention to the knitting or put it down and pick it up when she could focus 100% on it. She turned off her walkman and the television and knitted the next 5 rows prefectly.

One of my biggest New Years resolutions is to be in bed by 10. I really feel that this is an important one for me because functioning on 5 hours of sleep doesn't boad well with me. Unfortunantly it is as difficult as it is important. David usually doesn't get home from school until 10:30 so going to bed at 10 means I don't spend any time with him durring the day. Last night I fell asleep on the couch around 9:30. He woke me up when he came home and I went to bed while he watched t.v. I'm not sure what time he came to bed. It was difficult to fall back asleep without him there. Everyone says I'll get over that fast, but I don't want to get over it. I never want to be used to him not being there. I keep telling myself this is only until he finishes school. He might be taking a phase break for the next six week session. I hope he is able to. It's a break we could all use. Until then I will be making sure the television and lights are off by 10.

I know this has already been a long post but I just want to mention a documentary my friend, Edith, gave me to watch. It's called "Laughing Club of India" and it's by Mira Nair. It's on a dvd that has a collection of documentary shorts from the Full Frame documentary film festival. The documentary shows a doctor and group of people in India who have started a laughing club which is nothing more than a group of people meeting to laugh. Edith is starting a Laughing Club of her own and I think it will be interesting to attend. The documentary just reminded me that it's okay to laugh for no reason at all and that laughter, even when it's forced, can make you feel better.


Kristen said...

I tried laughing out loud after reading that, but I could only muster a giggle and a guffaw.

The thing with David would be very hard for me, too. I think the only thing you can do is remind yourself, this is just for a season. And seasons (thankfully) end.

Sandra said...

The first part of your comment made me laugh. It is difficult to laugh on you own. I think a group setting might intice the laugh faries to come out and play.

aola said...

Emily does this thing where she just starts laughing and giggling for absolutely no reason except to get everyone around her laughing and it is so infectious that you can't help but laugh. She will have us all just rolling before it's over. Then she just stops.

Don't believe "them"! Mark and I have been married 23 years and I cannot sleep without him in bed.

Sandra said...

Erin does that same laughing thing! She'll have the two of us laughing so hard we are crying before she stops. I LOVE IT!

That is so sweet about you and Mark. I kinda think when people say that they are maybe just jealous that we don't like to be apart.