Thursday, April 20, 2006

I arrived home from the grocery store today and found a box from Amazon. ( I love getting gifts even if they are from me.) I was surprised because they weren't supposed to arrive until the 24th. (You can all gasp in amazement. I, Sandra, ordered books online.) Everyday Sacred inspired me to rename my blog. I'm hoping the book will help me to see the sacred in everyday life. Stretching Lessons is by the same author, Sue Bender, and seems to be a continuation of sorts but with more focus on the connection between spirit and body. The first few pages of it remind me a little of The Journey of Desire. At the last minute, I threw in Poemcrazy because I have been unable to find it at any of the local book stores. I think I have enough reading to keep me busy for a little while. I ordered the books when it was cold and rainy. Now the sun is out and begging me to play. Decisions! Decisions!
We rented Pride and Prejudice this weekend and I have watched it twice. I agree with Kristen, were Mr. Darcy real, I might have to fall in love with him. The actor who plays him in the movie did a wonderful job in my opinion. When I am finished with the books above I might just have to re-read Pride and Prejudice.


aola said...

I love amazon. I buy a lot of stuff from them. I ordered "The Secret Life of Bees"(for $1.75), a new Little Mermaid game for Em, and a Marhall Tucker Band CD for Mark today.
They have soooo much stuff and I like it better than ebay.

Emily & I both love getting stuff in the mail, too.

Kristen said...

I just love their free shipping after $25! Woo-hoo! Reading P&P made the movie even better for me!