Monday, April 17, 2006

Our Easter was crazy but good. Anytime we got to my brother-in-law's things are crazy. The kids yell and scream and do pretty much whatever they want and the tension between family members is always evident. It was good to play with the kids. We spent time outside on the swings when it wasn't raining. My niece, Abbey, who is two and absolutely adorable said the cutest thing. She sneezed so her mom said "Gesundheit" and I told Abbey to say "dankeschön". She said "donkey say". It was so cute!
We came home early because we were all pretty tired. We rented movies and settled on the couch for the evening. All in all it was a very good Easter. During the trip to and from my brother-in-law's we listened to Third Day "Offerings". I love that cd and I especially love listening to "Thousand Hills" while making the drive because it's full of rolling green hills. This time of year, the hills are brushed with thousands of delicate orange wild flowers. It was breathtakingly beautiful. If I hadn't forgotten the memory card to my camera, I would have had a picture to share with you. Maybe next time.


R said...

Oh how I miss California poppies -- they were such a part of my childhood. Those and Indian Paintbrush -- a much darker red version than that of OK.

aola said...

were the orange flowers poppies? sounds so pretty.
the red clover is starting to bloom along the roads here
Glad you had a good weekend.

Sandra said...

I'm not sure what they were. They were not poppies though. They were very very small.