Thursday, July 27, 2006

For the past month there has been a bag of barbie dolls and barbie doll things sitting in our hallway. She put it there with an announcement that
ten is too old to play with barbies. I wanted to talk her out of it, but didn't. I just let the bag sit there waiting for her to change her mind or for me to gain the strength to let go. Recently I was talking to a friend about ten being the year girls are banished from barbiedom and she told me her grandaughter who is still years away from banishment loves all things barbie and that she would be interested in buying the bag of goodies from Erin. I mentioned it to Erin and told her to go through and seperate everything out and name a reasonable price for me to give to my friend.
Yesterday I walked into a bedroom covered in barbies. Erin had set up and entire barbie kingdom on her bedroom floor. I asked her which barbies she was planning on selling and she said "Mom, when you've played with barbies as long as I have, it's really hard to stop."


aola said...

Emily's bag of Barbies sits in her closet ready to be played with if Ms. Em ever decides to again... she hasn't in a long while.

Sandra said...

Erin goes back and forth with it. I'm sure that over the next year she will transition out of them. :(