Thursday, September 14, 2006

I really want to see Jesus Camp. I'm sure it's a very slanted movie, but I don't care. I saw the previews of it, and my jaw droped. It reminded me of the song we used to sing in Sunday Scool, "I may never march in the infantry, ride in the calvery, soar or the enemy. I may never shoot the artilery, but I'm in the Lord's army." It's a little scary looking at it from this side of things, but at the time, I loved doing all the motions.
Survivor starts tonight. Yes, I watch it, and I'm not at all concerned about what that says about me.
Tonight is Back To School Night at Erin's school. I'll be going to her classroom to hear about what she'll be learning this year. Did I tell you all that her school has adopted a healthy eating policy? No more sweets of any kind at school for any reason. I'm glad they are teach children to eat healthy, but it almost feels like we are being watched by Big Brother and if we sneak in a cupcake were going to be eaten by rats. I'm not 100% sure that it's really their job to teach my daughter how to eat, but with the rate of childhood obesity climbing higher and higher each year, I can see where they think they might need to step in. Perhaps a better place to start would be the offerings of the school lunch menu. Pizza every day is hardly healthy and what about those little peanut butter and jelly sandwhiches without the crust? Isn't the crust the healthiest part and did you say you offered that in whole wheat oh I guess I must have read the menu wrong. You only have white bread.
I am signing up for the PTA. It should be an interesting year.


aola said...

What really sucks is that so many parents rely on the school system to teach their children not only their lessons but moralilty, discipline (now that's a joke!, social skills and now how to eat??... then they send the same kids off to Sunday School to teach them some religion.
That's just lazy parenting or parents who just don't care... and I'm with you. I hate that the government has soooo much control in our lives.
It is just scary.

R said...

They should totally fix the school menu before policing the parents.