Wednesday, October 11, 2006

I recieved Velvet Elvis yesterday. I can't wait to read it. I'm in the middle of A Generous Orthodoxy which is good. It confirms much of what I've been feeling over the last few years.
My wonderful husband bought me this. I felt a little sick as he paid for it and had to talk myself out of returning it several times. It's so hard for me to spend money on myself even if I have been saving up for 2 years for this paticular item.
We are going to Disneyland this weekend. I am so excited!
Is anyone else watching Heroes?

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aola said...

You will love, love, love your new camera. It is so easy to use. But, I felt the same way when I bought mine - it was so hard to spend that much on a toy (even if Mark kept insisting we needed it for business).

What is Heroes?

I want to take Em to Disneyworld...