Tuesday, November 14, 2006

David's mother is in the hospital with punemonia. She went in to begin the process of being put on the list for a liver transplant, but she could barely breathe. They sent her to the ER and from there she was admitted to the hospital. Luckily for her she is in a very good hospital and has a liver transplant team taking care of all of her medical needs so that it won't throw the transplant off track. We've been driving back and forth from San Francisco every day. I don't mind the drive, other than the traffic. San Francisco is an interesting city. As we drive through its bustling streets I imagine living in one of the many apartments and being a city girl. Funny, in my adventures as city girl, I'm almost always single. The mom part of me obviously realizes the city is no place to raise a family.
I've given up on ever moving to Pennsylvania. Who am I kidding anyway? David's mom is really sick and is not getting any better. The bitch she lives with, whose children she has taken care of for five years without pay, just told us that when my mother-in-law is no longer able to care for herself she will put her in a home. She even said that if my mother-in-law refused she would have her evicted from her home so that she would have no where else to go. How's that for a thank you? That should make the reason I don't want to spend holidays with my brother and sister-in-law painfully clear.
We have offered my mother-in-law a place to stay should she need it. I'm not convinced that she will chose to come and live with us, but our offer stands.
Given that I don't see moving to Pennsylvania as happening anytime in the near future, I've started the process of going to nursing school. I'm not sure how all the pieces will fit together. It's more than difficult to go to school and work full time, but there has to be a way. I'm determined to make it happen.


Kristen said...

Sorry about your MIL. That sucks.

Exciting about nursing school though! I've considered that myself...

aola said...

Family really sucks sometimes .. well, most of the time.

Don't give up your dream, Sandy. You will make it happen someday.

Are you thinking LPN or RN?

Sandra said...

Thanks Kristen and A.

A, I know it will happen. I'm just tired of doing nothing while I wait. At least now I'll be doing something. I plan on becoming an RN. In California you have to be a LVN first which I am fairly certain is the same thing as an LPN anywhere else. California just likes to be different.
Eventually I want to work in the NICU.

R said...

Wow! I'll be praying for you.