Monday, December 04, 2006

I love this Advent Calender from Susan @ Visual Voice.
Gina came over a few nigthts ago and we decorated and stuffed 48 brown paper bags with little goodies for our own Advent Calenders. I've been thinking about how to celebrate Advent for the past few weeks. I want Christmas to mean more to Erin than presents under a tree. I ordered a book with Advent readings and devotionals a few days ago.

We had a Holiday Fair at Erin's school Friday night. I helped out with the bake sale part of it. It was really fun, and I did a little shopping while I was there. I bought some very nice handmade soaps from Julie. She's a super nice lady and her products are awesome! I got an herbal scrubbie soap and mint one.

Yesterday we went to Phil's house to go through Pam's things. The evil sister-in-law seems all to eager to get rid of them. My mind can't or won't accept all that has happened.

Grief builds up slowly
filling me drip by drip
until every part of me is heavy
with the loss of you


aola said...

I thought about you yesterday and said a little prayer of peace for you.

I want to hear more about your Advent Calendar. I've been trying to think of something to do with Seth.
Don't you just love Susan's stuff... she is so talented!!

Anonymous said...

Hey It is me samantha I was just saying Hi, I am so tired my mom is in the hospitol she was badly dehydrated so she had to go there so I had to stay there withher and I could not sleep at all And I am in the middle of moving so I am vary tired so I will see if you commented on another post of mine I only chexed the first one and2nd one!!Thanks you samantha!!!

R said...

Thinking of Sandra. That's all.