Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Our bike ride today tunred into an adventure. The cool breeze was our incintive to peddel hard up the hills so we could coast down the other side. Hearts thumping, barely able to catch our breath we took a break near a park bench close the kids play area. I had planned on enjoying a brief rest while the kids played. It wasn't long before they had convinced me to join in the fun. (It doesn't take all that much convincing.) We each became secret agents on super dooper undercover misions. We climbed rope walls and moved stealth-like across balance beams. We raced from one piece of cover to the next shouting out rediculous orders to one another. "Mission Feed The Turtles" was one of my personal favorites, and "Mission Take a Break" came at just the right time.
I want to gobble up all of these moments until I am stuffed and bloated with them. Soon enough the only secret mission she'll be interested in is "Mission Keep Everything From Mom".


Denise said...

Glad you enjoyed your day........ and I need to say I am so sorry for todays events.... I really want this to change...... sooooo forgive me.........


aola said...

oh, maybe not... you are such a great Mom, maybe she will always be comfortable telling you everything.

Did I ever tell you that Charlie asked us to go on his first date with him??
isn't that funny? but that's the kind of relationship we've always had.
and I have the same kind of relationship with Levi and hopefully with Seth.

Just stay open and honest with her and she'll return the love.

Katt said...

What a wonderful day for you. As a mom I miss those times with you girls growing up. It seems when you get to be my age, those kind of moments are just memories blowing in a lonley wind of joy. I still feel young and vital enough to have adventures like that LOL.
So much in life is lost to silly and unemportant things, Im not sure why we do that LOL.
Enjoy every moment you have, and believe it or not Sandy, I think Erin will surprise you with what she doesnt keep from you. It took a lot of time for her to not trust those who love her, it will take time to reverse that. However, I see in her quite a change and a trusting that she didnt have before. You are doing a wonderful job, and your a good mom.
Thank you for taking such good care of my granddaughter, for protecting loving and filling her life with joy. Just remember that being a parent is a job that never ends. It's a journey of time, of love and of heartbreak, but its all worth it in the end.
I love you so much.

Unknown said...

Today sounded wonderful.

In addition to your blog, you should write it down. One day, when she's being a typical teenager, put it on her pillow.

Knowing how precious you are to your mother is one of the most special things a child can have I think.....

Sandra said...

Aola, part of me knows you are right and part of me hopes that you are right. I am trying very hard to keep the lines of communication open between us and to let her know every day that she can trust me with everything. That is so funny about Charlie! What an amazing relationship!
CV that is a great idea!
Mom, thanks.