Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Ocho Cosas

1. I don't know how to speak Spanish. (Not even a little.)
2. However, I can say three phrases in Greek.
3. David was my first and only boyfriend and I was his first and only girlfriend.
4. I'm an extremely nervous driver even though I've never had an accident or gotten a ticket.
5. I only eat cereal when it's that special time of the month.
6. I only like going to the movies when it isn't busy so I don't have to sit close to anyone I don't know.
7. I feel guilty if I don't stop at a yellow light.
8. I love wind chimes.


Denise said...

muy bueno.............

aola said...

I'm with you on the movie thing...don't like crowds

Unknown said...

You will probably be the only person in the US to never get a ticket once all the intersections have a camera.

Cereal affects me strangely. Sometimes I love it and sometimes it makes me completely sick.

Thanks for sharing :)