Sunday, August 26, 2007

Shoot The Moon

For weeks Erin has been asking me to pull out the telescope so she can look at the moon. Tonight I found the energy to dig through the closet, find it, and set it up so we could all get up close and personal with the full moon. It was worth the effort. There is something magic about the moon. I decided to take some photos while we were out. It's suprising how bright the moon is. I was expecting to have to use a slow shutter, but it wasn't so. I wish my lens had just a bit more zoom to it, but I'm happy with the images I got considering it was my first time shooting the moon.

Earlier today David and I went to the mall so he could order a tux for a wedding he's in next month. I was in a shopping mood so I didn't complain. I stopped by Lane Bryant and tried out their new Right Fit selection of jeans. I LOVE them! I'm a yellow 4 petite. The jeans fit perfectly! I bought two pair along with this
top. I love the bold jewel tone, the belt, and the tie at the sleve. Watching "What Not To Wear" really has helped me in chosing clothes that will look good on my body as opposed to clothes that I wish would look good on my body. I spent a small chunk of change on the two pair of pants and one shirt, but it's worth it to have jeans that have an all-over comfortable feel but aren't bagy in any area. I've decided that it's really okay to invest in what I wear within reason. It makes me feel good when I look good and feeling good is priceless. I'm not one to go crazy on clothes or anything, usually I buy the cheapest thing if it fits right or not. That is not a good shopping method at all!


Katt said...

What a lovely picture you got of old man moon. God's creativity never ceases to amaze me. I am happy you found some jeans that fit, maybe I need to go by there and try some one. I have a hard time finding them that fit also. I love the shirt, that is very nice. Cant wait to see you in it in a couple of weeks.
Love ya

aola said...

Good for you!!

I have moments of guilt over spending $60.00 on a pair of jeans (they were 85.00 and I had a coupon)but, the guilt is short-lived.

It's worth it to have a nice fit!!

I ordered another pair Friday night and a white shirt to go with. (this time from Coldwater Creek).

Unknown said...

Very Nice!!

Lunar Eclipse at 3:00 am! Orange or Red moon!

Sandra said...

Cara, David told me about the Lunar Eclipse. I'm very excited. I don't know if I can stay awake though!

Mom, You should try the jeans. You'll love them! They are $40 a pair, but so worth it!

A, you are right, of course! I might feel a little guilty for a minute, but in the end it's worth it, and we shouldn't feel guilty.

Kristen said...

I know $40 seems like a lot, but it's so worth it for a good pair--heck, a good pair is worth even more! You got a deal, sistah!

The moon picture is lovely. :)