Sunday, October 07, 2007

She is growing more into herself every day and the boundaries she chooses to test strike a nerve every time. "Can I have a boy friend who comes over and watches movies?" The questions are purely hypothetical. She has no close friends of the male variety. She asks me only to see if my stance has changed; if I'll show the slightest sign of weakness. To her eleven is nothing more than another of the ages she has to live through before she reaches the all important teen years. To me, eleven is everything and I will miss it just as much as I miss all those that came before it.
Lately I feel as if my resources have been tapped. I hope I'm not drowning in these home schooling efforts. Even more, I hope she is not drowning in my failed attempt. Scratch that. I won't admit defeat just yet. It's been a rough, waterless week and we are all on edge, me more so than everyone else.


aola said...

oh, if they only knew...

I've tried all their lives to make them understand to love where they are at the moment and not wish their lives away.

not sure it ever did any good.

but, keep trying!!

about homeschooling - it is hard,but,do-able, and if anyone can, you can.
I've heard it is way harder to take a child out of public school and try to homeschool. I'm glad I started off with mine when they were babies.

Kristen said...

This week definitely deserves some grace, friend. Water will bring refreshment in more ways than one, ya know?