Tuesday, November 06, 2007


A few days ago, I was featured on Today's Creative Blog The brain child of Kim from Scrap-To-My-Lu. First of all, to even be mentioned on her site for the slightest of reasons is nothing I take lightly. I've only been reading her blogs since Shawn mentioned her a few weeks back, but let me tell you this site is packed full of creative yumminess. It only took a little Flickr exploring to find out that Kim is one creative crafter herself. Just take a look at the transformation of this table (once owned by Kathrine Hepburn) :

And this table setting is so inspiring! I love the different colored plates. And did you see the wall?

Is it wrong that looking through her Flickr makes me the tiniest bit jealous that I'm here in this small apartment with carpeted floors and no sense of style? When we do finally make it to PA and get a house of our own, I'll know where to go for inspiration.
Make sure you check out both of her blogs, you won't be disappointed!


Kim -today's creative blog said...

oh my! Now I know what my featured bloggers feel like! My my my! You do make me look much better. Funny you would pick my favorite piece of furniture I own. I love that table. And you too will have a house to decorate soon.
Thanks so much.

Kristen said...

Your home will be beautiful when you get to really decorate because you have such an eye for beauty. :)

R said...