Monday, January 28, 2008

Unless you've lived here, you can't understand how 45 degrees can feel like 5 below zero. When I first moved here, I laughed at those wearing big winter jackets with hats and scarves. I'm not laughing anymore. I'm in my office with the heater cranked up, a small electric heater by my feet, and a jacket on. I can't explain why 45 degrees here feels like the coldest of cold in Oklahoma. It isn't reasonable, it just is.
Today we had a break in the endless downpour that is a California winter. Patches of blue sky peak through streaks of white and gray. It's nice to see my friend the sun again even if it is only for today. They are predicting rain through Sunday. There is snow on the highest points of the mountains. A part of me wishes we had used our Disneyland time for snowboarding. That vacation to Mexico I took in July is sounding pretty good too. What I wouldn't give for a nice warm spot on the beach with Juan and Miguel bringing be frosted fruity drinks.
In reality, it's back to work and school. We had a very good meeting with Erin's teacher today. I love that we meet him at the library and that our meetings are so casual. He commented on Erin's writing and said she was doing a great job. He also liked her artwork. Her favorite part of the meeting was when he told us there are no letter grades. I thought she was going to dance out of her chair! They only give P's for progressing. I'm never sure if we are doing enough or if she is really learning anything at all, but he assured me that she is doing quite well and that if I am feeling stressed it's perfectly normal. Apparently 6th and 7th grade have some of the highest workloads for parents. Why didn't anyone mention that when I decided to sign up for homeschooling? Really, it hasn't been as hard as I expected. We have our bad days, but overall it's been a good experience for us both.


aola said...

HooRay for you and Erin!!

I understand the whole temperature thing. When it first starts getting cold I freeze at 60 degrees (after weeks of 100+) but right now 45 feels pretty good.

Kristen said...

What I wouldn't give for some hot weather right now, too!

I think new things (like this homeschooling thing) always take time to get used to--it sounds like you guys are doing well. :) That wonderful. It encourages me that if you can do it, I can do it, too!

R said...

Sixth and seventh grade are hard years. Or they were for me.

Totally get the cold at 45, now. I think I understand why people used to worship the sun.

Unknown said...

You acclimate to your weather. My mom lives in south Texas, and when it gets down to 65 there everyone covers their plants and starts asking each other 'Cold enough for you?'

Here, if it gets over 75 the news starts putting out heat warnings and Home depot sells out of fans.

I'm a fan of warm weather. My husband hates it 'You can always put on more clothes, but I can only get so naked' is one of his favorite sayings.

Kelli said...

I applaud you for home-schooling. I want to teach other kids, but could not teach my own. I would never be firm enough with them! They're only two and one, and I already know this!

Also, I was the same way in Oregon-we would all bundle ourselves as if it was a blizzard out when it dropped below 50! But then again, it was a damp cold, which I think is worse than our dry cold in Montana, even when it's zero out.

aola said...

I was just looking at your pictures again and realized that Erin cut off her hair!!!

It looks good.