Sunday, February 03, 2008

Happy Birthday to Erin!

We celebrated her 12th birthday this weekend with a Wii sleepover. She's been planing a sleepover for some time and had hopes that we would get her a Wii, but didn't have faith that we would pull through. I don't know why she doubts us. :) David managed to find one and we surprised her with it on Friday. She screamed so loudly that my ears are still ringing. I'm constantly amazed at how quickly she is growing up. The smallest part of her is still interested in fairy tales and make believe, while the larger portion is pulling her towards boys and teen magazines. Knowing that it is a natural progression doesn't make me like it anymore. I hold on tightly to the pieces of childhood that remain and talk with her about the teen years that are quickly approaching. Her heart and mind are preoccupied with all things boy and it has been the cause of some extremely dramatic episodes. It's especially interesting when David gets involved in the conversation. Like most fathers, he's considering a convent. :)


aola said...

Happy Birthday Erin!!

the teen years pretty much suck for everyone

I can feel Sethy slipping away and I know that it is the way it should be but I still don't have to like it.

just keep thinking... they will grow up to be adults that we enjoy :)

R said...

A's right. You will totally enjoy her when she's an adult.

She will not make sense. She will not be someone you know, at times. And then she will reappear all sun and smiles.

And you, constantly reminding her who she is, is so wise. so smart. Because she's going to forget. She's going to lose herself at times.

Much grace and peace and wisdom to you o this journey.

Kristen said...

Sounds like a great birthday! :) Oh my, I totally remember being boy crazy (and I was one of the least boy crazy in my group of friends), but it was INSANE.

Anonymous said...

I was just wondering the other day about how old she is. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HER! A Wii...all the teachers that I work with love the Wii and are trying to get ones for themselves! Tell her I'll challenge her to a game when you guys move here! I hear the bowling is fun!

Unknown said...

You are awesome to get a wii for her! You rock!

I remember my teen years, how it felt like my blood was on fire sometimes and how I just would wake up in the morning and HATE EVERYONE. I had no idea that it was hormones.

Erin is so fortunate to have wise parents who love her and give her stability and insight.

My best to her on her birthday, and loads of love and light to you!