Sunday, February 24, 2008

Munch'n on crackers and trying to be excited.

I am hoping that what everyone has told me is true: this morning sickness, or all day sickness in my case, will go away after the first trimester. I really want to be excited and drown myself in all things baby, but this constant feeling of nausea has a way of sucking the excitement out of me.
Morning sickness or not, we had a fun time this weekend. Laurie and the girls visited so we all went to the Children's Discovery Museum. It's such and exciting place for children and adults of all ages. There is so much to do and explore. Taylor enjoyed the Crawlspace which is a special room for infants and babies just learning to walk. Erin learned how to make a corn husk doll and all of the kids made a snow portrait. I only wish it hadn't been so crowded.
Friday evening Laurie, Erin, and I met up with my father-in-law at The Poor House Bistro where we listened to one of the best bands I have heard in a while, the Lara Price Blues Band. The vocals were good, but Laura Chavez on guitar was nothing short of AMAZING! Erin was so inspired she's decided she wants to take guitar. I told her we would stick with the piano lessons for awhile and then talk about guitar.
Tonight, we are all snuggled in and ready to watch movies.


R said...

nausea sucks.
try pregnancy tea. sometimes it works. sometimes it doesn't. small, mini meals every couple of hours might help, too.
sorry :(

aola said...

I don'tknow if meclazine would help morning sickness, never tried it for that but I take it for the nausea that comes from sinus drainage. You might ask your Dr. if it's safe to try?

Kristen said...

Sounds like a super fun time. Tell Erin that piano and guitar do relate well to each other even though they seem really different. If she keeps up the piano, she'll be able to transition to guitar easily. (I play both.)

I agree with Becky. I liked peppermint tea a lot, and I've heard ginger tea is good, too. Over and over again I heard the advice to keep a small snack (crackers, cereal) by your bed so you could eat before you even get out of bed. Might help a little in the mornings.

Kelli said...

I second the peppermint tea. It helped me when I was pregnant with my twins, who I had horrid morning sickness with. Nothing really seems to make it completely go away other than time, but the tea seemed to make me tolerate the nausea better.

Good luck! It goes by SO quickly, you'll be in your second trimester before you know it.

Sandra said...

Thanks for all the advice. A, I'll call my doctor about that tomorrow. At webmd it said it was rated B which means it is not known to cause birth defects.
Becky, Kristen, & Kelli, I will give the peppermint tea a try. I was feeling really nasty this morning and tried some pregnancy tea that a friend gave me, and within seconds of drinking it, it came back up. I won't be trying that again.

McMom said...

I sipped on bubbly water throughout my day with my daughter. It never seemed to go all the way away, but the second trimester was much better. With her I was extremely tired too.

Unknown said...

I am fascinated by all of the things that a woman's body goes through in order to grow a healthy child.

It is astonishing.

Sandra said...

Mcmom, the last week I have been really tired. I'm going to try the bubbly water. Thanks

Cara, it is completely amazing!