Tuesday, March 25, 2008

In the thick of it

I want to stick my head in the sand and keep it there until we have our move all figured out. Instead, I'm filling out home loan applications, calling utility companies, and dreaming about houses we can't afford all while making sure Erin is on track to finish school on time, I have enough calcium in my diet, and trying to remember to take my prenatal vitamin. The icing on the cake that is our life, is that David got a somewhat unwanted promotion. His boss, the owner of the company, took a supplemental job out of sate and put David in charge of everything here. For the next month, David will be working every day. As none of the other three employees are capable of doing the job, David was not really left with an option. As my grandpa would say, "I know deep in my knower" that everything will be okay. We are just in that place where there are far more questions than answers. It's no easy place to be, but we've all been there and we've all made it through. Our story will not end with us broke and homeless on the streets of Pennsylvania thogh thoughts like these fill my dreams. Silly dreams!


Denise said...

you made me laugh with the grandma comment..... i had forgot that...... ahahha she was a hoot..... and remember, you are young and able to handle these things.... that is why God gave babies to the young women.....hahhaha What an exciting time in your life........ I would live in Pennsylvania if I did not have so much responsibility here... I do love the East Coast and I am sure that me and Dennis will come to your house one of these days!!!!!!!!!

Old Folks Blog said...

Sandra,it is a testing time in your's and David's life,but you both are young and know what you want in life,if this is really the move you want,all will turn out great and you will be very happy,if it is not the move you BOTH want,then don't make it.What
ever your decision,it needs to be as one,don't let the excitement of the change,get in the way of the future.
Love you both much,

Anonymous said...

At least if you end up broke and homeless on the streets of Pennsylvania, it will be scenic :)
Speaking of sayings..."when it rains, it pours". Nothing is as easy as we'd like it to be, but like you said, it will all work out. It's just the getting to the end part that sucks!

Unknown said...

a dear friend of mine always would say "Just put your head down and get the work done" when she would have times like this.

I still use that.

Kristen said...

You can do this, friend. (BTW, pregnancy seems to equal crazy dreams; try to laugh about it in the morning. :) )