Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Thank you Becky for bringing the fight for women's rights in Juarez Mexico to my attention in your recent post They Are Our Sisters.

I'm still trying to absorb the reality of the situation, and find ways to help.

Maquiladoras at a Glance. This page contains a list of some of the maquiladoras in Juarez as well as a breakdown of their impact on the people of Juarez and the environment.


R said...

Bless you, Ms. Sandra!
Awesome link.
I'm compiling some reasonable actions as we speak. I should have a list by Friday.

McMom said...

Off the subject. Have you seen this before-

You should add one to your blog! I have a couple of friends that have one on their blog for their pregnancys.

Old Folks Blog said...

No comment on this Sandra,just have a great day and take care of yourself and the one to be.
Love much,Grandpa,BOBO.or Oldfolk.

Unknown said...

Excellent Metrics on the At A Glance Page

Add one more company to it