Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Already Rebelious

Hayden can be kicking up a storm but as soon as David's hand gets anywhere near my belly, he stops. As I type, he is practicing baby karate. I'm sure he'll tire out just in time for David to get home. I've talked to him about this early onset of baby rebellion and let him know that it will not be tolerated. Secretly I think it's hilarious!

The news of Alyssa's arrival has sent my I-want-Hayden-here-now feelings into overdrive. This is bad news considering I'm just now finishing the second trimester. Seeing Alyssa's sweet little face and tiny fingers makes my heart swell with mom-emotion. Hayden is warm and safe where he is, and that's just where I want him to stay until he is big, and strong. (Not to big though!)

In the meantime, I've been occupying myself with all things move related. I've packed up several boxes and given away even more. All of the photos and nick-knacks have been packed making our apartment seem dull and boring. Luckily, we only have 24 days of staring at the blank walls left.

The ever increasing rate of fuel prices makes me happy we sold our truck. It was a decision I wasn't thrilled with, but knew we needed to make. The truck wasn't a practical family car and hefting a baby into the hind seat would have wreaked havoc on my back. So we sold our truck and bought my sister-in-law's 2003 Saturn Vue. It's a lovely little thing with excellent gas millage, and best of all I don't have to jump to get into it. It will also save us big bucks on our trek across the country which begins in only 24 days! Have I mentioned that already?


aola said...

TWENTY-FOUR days!! WoW. You really are going to make it.

I wish Levi's truck would sell. It has been sitting on the highway with a For Sale sign for almost two months now - lots of lookers but no one serious.

Sandra said...

We lucked into selling ours. David's brother is moving to Colorado and will need a truck when he gets there. If not for that, I doubt we would have been able t sell it.

Kristen said...

So exciting about your move!

Hang in there--and try to enjoy this special time when your boy is truly just yours. :) Pretty soon everyone will want a piece of him!

Unknown said...

Baby Rebellion, it' must be stopped! LOL

I think you are leaving California just in time. If this last week on the power grid is any indication, half the state will be in rolling blackouts this summer.

I'm excited for your move, your fresh start, you ACRES AND ACRES. I can see the gardens and fruit trees in my minds eye..........

Have a wonderful journey there, driving is such a wonderful way to get there. Take photos, see our beautiful land.

R said...

do the kicks feel like butterflies to you? they felt like getting socked in the gut to me. no butterflies.

That is so soon! Yea!

Kelli said...

I echo the socked in the guy feeling. I never really enjoyed it, it was far too uncomfortable!

I can't wait to see pictures of your new home! I've never been to PA, but always thought it was gorgeous.

Sandra said...

The kicks don't feel like butterflies anymore. They aren't the socked in the gut feeling either. Sometimes they are harder and make me pause, but for the most part it doesn't hurt. He does seem to aim for the bladder and that isn't so comfortable.