Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Final teacher conference, more pipe problems, and an Oreo overdose

We had our final visit with Erin's teacher today. It went well. I can't believe the year is almost over! She has about two weeks worth of work and then we will officially be on summer break. We are both ready. Recently she's been doing more work independently which has been good for both of us. It's given her more responsibility and taken some of the load off of my shoulders. She'll be returning to public school next year. We will be in an area where we won't have to worry about gang violence or a police station on school grounds, and she is desperate to have the social aspect of school back. I can't say that I blame her. Working full time made it impossible for us to attend most of the home school outings that were planned in our area. While I am one of the most-hip-moms-eva it's not cool for a 12-year-old to hang out with her mom.

Our water is out again. A break in the main line is the culprit this time. The plumber is here now digging like a mad man to find the break. One big tummy that plays home to a bladder kicking baby and no bathroom is a recipe for disaster!

Do you want to know how stupid I can be? I'll tell you. I'm not a Oreo fan, and never really have been. I prefer chocolate chip cookies or better yet, double chocolate chip cookies. Why then did I eat eight, EIGHT! Oreos after lunch? I'm fairly certain I've put Hayden into a sugar comma, and my body is on sugar overload. In fact, you should all be reading this post quickly to keep up with how fast I am typing it. What a silly thing to do!


aola said...

stress eating, I guess. I hate it when I eat something I didn't really want and then feel yucky afterwards

Sandra said...

I think I was feeling tired and thought sugar would wake me up. That never works though!

Unknown said...

Well, Oreos are just good. Fan or not, they just go down easy.

Maybe Hayden was yanken on the umbilical saying "OREO'S NOWWWWW!"

I hear they do that.

Old Folks Blog said...

You are a case Sandra,sure do love you.You are in my prayers every night.
PS Try hershey kisses,they are better...LOL
Be safe.

McMom said...

I agree the kisses are better!
I hope you get your water back soon!!

R said...

oreos happen. i think it was doritos for me.

glad you feel better about the schools in PA. i would have died if i was homeschooled, but my youngest sister would have loved it. you're a wise mom to be able to see the good in both.

Kristen said...

Double stuffed oreos are the best.

I agree with Becky about the school thing. And I'm happy and proud of you guys that you made it through the year!

Elaine said...

Oreos are so yummy.