Friday, July 25, 2008

I spent several summers in this house as a teenager. When we first arrived here after our cross country trek, it still felt like their home, as if I was just a visitor. Of course it is their home technically, but we are living here and I feel the need to make it seem like ours for as long as we stay. So I am painting, decorating, and organizing. There is so much to do my mind can barely sit still, and my efforts have been slightly haphazard, but I am making my mark on things.
On Tuesday my aunt, cousin, and grandma came over to help us with the yard work. We pulled weeds, trimmed hedges, and mowed the lawn. My aunt made sure I didn't pull up anything that should stay and managed to save the rose bush from Erin who somehow managed to be let loose with an ax. It felt good to be in their company and to have some help with all the work.
Erin is slowly adjusting to our new life. She has fallen in love with her cousin and that is causing some trouble. Anytime we take them apart she throws a fit. We've explained to her how ridiculous it is, but trying to explaining anything to to a hormonal almost teenager is a waste of our breath.
Hayden is moving and growing like crazy oblivious to the chaos that surrounds him. Hopefully all of this will be finished by the time he arrives and he will never know the difference.


Kelli said...

I will bet that even if it's not all finished, he'll be just as happy as if it were. (Although YOU may have a little more peace of mind if it is!)

Lol over the axe and rosebush. Too funny. I'm horrible with yard work, and am always afraid that I'll go out to pull "weeds" and end up pulling up the things I so carefully planted earlier in the year!

You'll have to show us some pictures when you find time. I'm so curious what it looks like where you're at!

McMom said...

You'll have to share some pictures odf the finished look.

aola said...

I guess it just takes a while for any new place to feel like home. But, I know you, you will make it your own.

It just makes me smile to think of you with family, with Hayden on the way - he will be so loved.

Unknown said...

Sounds awesome!

The cousin thing sounds like a handful!

I guess we now know why boarding schools were invented.

Elaine said...

Her cousin????