Thursday, July 17, 2008

Last night she told me I was making her miserable. Me, the same mom who has let her go swimming, four wheel riding, and let her play video games all day for the past four days while her father and I have packed and moved what was left of my step-mothers things from this house, prepared to install flooring and paint, and move and unpack our things. Tired and frustrated from a long day of moving, I wanted to slap her when she said it, but I didn't. Instead, I let her know that for the rest of the week, she will be participating in all things move related. She'll scrub the walls so we can't paint them, help her father move the boxes that are too heavy for me to lift, and unpack box after box until the sight of another box makes her cringe. If I am going to be accused of making her miserable, I at least want to be guilty of it.


Katt said...

Sandy, Im sorry. I know that as much as you would not like to admit it.. that hurt. children hurt our hearts more than anyone else in this world. I know Erin, and she did not mean that. She adores you and David. Just try and remember this is a tuff move for all of you, and your all tired and frustrated. I agree with the punishemnt, she needs to learn to stop and think before she speaks, but that is a hard lesson for us all.
Call me if you need to, cry if you want...but know that where there is love...there is hope and help and promise.
I love you soooo much.

aola said...

must be something in the air... Seth and I fought yesterday which we almost never do. I thought about the slap thing, too, probably a good thing he was upstairs.

But, good for you for laying down the law.

Anonymous said...

"must be something in the air"...or something in the sky... I think full moon is Friday. I swear that people, especially kids act worse during that time each month. At least that's usually the case at school. I think that's an excellent form of "punishment". It will show her how lucky she was the past few days...if that actually sinks in to the teenage mind.

E. Michelle said...

totally the moon, but you handled it really well.

Unknown said...

I hate when perfectly good kids turn into teenagers! They usually need to be walled into a room with a slot for food.

I LOVE YOUR MINDSET. Earn the title.

I'm a "Cast Iron Bitch" at work sometimes, and I earn it.

Part of being a family is working when the family works, teenage girl. So roll up your sleeves and join in the 'family fun'.

Good on you, mother!

E. Michelle said...

OFCOURSE you can visit me.