Friday, July 11, 2008

We just passed through St. Louis, home of the Arch. We didn't get to stop and see it because it's late but we did take an accidental detour that gave us a pretty good view. It's raining in western Illinois tonight and every few minutes the sky explodes with lightening. Having grown up in Oklahoma, this is nothing new for me, but David and Erin say ohhh and ahhhh each time the sky lights up. It's so cute. :)

Visiting family and friends in Oklahoma was bitter sweet as usual. I am always so happy to see them and equally sad to say goodbye. There is never enough time so I squeeze in all the hugs and love I can and hope that it will last them until the next time. We had two long visits with my grandparents which was very nice. My grandpa has many stories and I love to hear them. On this visit he told me more about his father and mother and living through the great depression. Maybe he'll post the stories on his blog so everyone can read them. I also found out that his dad never called him by his name, Paul, but instead called him Wog Tail Wiggins. He called my grandpa's sister, Betty, Knee High.

We also spent time with my mom and my sister and her family. My niece and nephew have me wrapped around their finger. They are full of energy and so much fun. I took them shopping for their birthdays. Hers is the same day as my sister's and mine and his is in September. I bought them practical things like clothes and then let them pick out a few things. She picked out the cutest ballerina outfit ever and he wanted a black Spider Man costume. He was so excited he wanted to put it on right away even though it was 90 plus degrees outside! If there were away to pull the state of Oklahoma to Pennsylvania so I could be closer to them I would!

My visit with Aola and her family was too short! The kids had a great time playing in the pool and Aola and I got to gossip a little. Her garden looks beautiful and her sunflowers are amazingly tall! Maybe on the next trip I'll get to stay late enough to visit the fairies that live in her garden. :)

In case this post hasn't been long enough, I'll leave you with a few semi-sarcastic but completely true things I've noticed while traveling through the bible belt. There are just as many bars as there are churches. For every billboard promoting a church, there are five promoting adult book/movie stores.

And my final thought after today's journey, for all the bad things people say about California drivers and driving in California, after driving through a large chunk of Missouri, I'd chose to drive in California any day!


Unknown said...

It's wonderful to hear about your trip! Also to hear about your family history, I love the name stuff, that's great.

Katt said...

Well..what a post. I always think about how well they are written when I read them. The hugs never last long enough for me.... but Im your mom. It was wonderful to spend the 3 days with you, and again hard to let you go.
I have been present for the births of all my grandchildren, knowing I wont be there for this one makes me cry. I laid awake today when I got home and thought about the little things that might scare you or questions you might have. What if he has colic? what to do if he cant poop? I wont be there, I cant help. That realy makes me sad, someone else will be taking me place LOL.
Happy traveling and much blessing in your new place.
I love you so much

aola said...

Beautiful post.

You are LOVED in Oklahoma!
and it was really great to get to see David again, too.
Levi was so disappointed that he wasn't here to visit with David.

Be sure to email me an address when you get landed.

Denise said...

Good to see you and visit for a short time.......Dennis and I are already talking about going East to visit...... I love the East coast and I would love to come out and see that new baby........ I do have some questions but need to send email........ let us know when you get there........ be safe...

Kristen said...

Glad your trip is going so well! :)

E. Michelle said...

BOO! i was in St. Louis the next night.