Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Bad Boy Ike

Even all the way up here, Ike left his mark. Sunday evening the air grew warm and the winds began to blow. They were gentle at first but soon grew to 45-50 mph and were strong enough to make this Midwestern girl whose been through enough tornadoes to last a lifetime feel anxious. The trees, lit by an amazingly bright full moon, lurched and bent under the winds strong force. A tree fell on the house that sits behind us (luckily only the roof of the house was damaged and the family is safe and sound.), and several limbs and branches littered th road and yards. Worst of all, the power went out at around 8 p.m. on Sunday and was just turned back on. That's two days with nothing and by 4 p.m. today the lack of power had caused the water to stop too.
When we got home from two doctor's appointments today the report we heard was that the power would not be on until Friday. I cringed at the thought! Already the freezer was completely defrosted and what food remained in the refrigerator was ruined. Now they were telling me I would have to exist until the weekend with no water and no power and what little of my sanity was left? I thought my head might explode or more likely I would break down and cry. I gathered what strength I had and put new batteries in the flash lights and Erin and I snuggled in on the couch ready to continue our card game marathon from last night. Just as we pulled out the cards the lights came on. I was so deliriously happy I wanted to cry!
I don't want to get all philosophical over a short power outage when so many have suffered such utter devastation but I can't tell you the hope a little thing like the lights coming on renewed in me. I so easily get caught up and worry over the little things in life that sometimes it takes something like this to snap me out of it. I can worry and obsess about everything and one around me but in the end the only person I can change is me. I get to chose how I view life and what I make of it. I get to decide what makes me angry, sad, or happy. I don't know why I so easily forget this.
So, I am not going to stress over family issues. I am going to enjoy my family in whatever way I can. I'm not going to worry about the money we did have or don't have or will have. I'm going to focus on the many blessings we are already living under. I'm going to stop freaking out every time the doctor sends me for a non-stress test or mentions her thoughts on Hayden's size. I'm going to finish out this pregnancy and enjoy the last few kicks and jabs Hayden gives me before he arrives. I'm also going to read this post tomorrow and the next day and the next so that I don't forget.


aola said...

Good advice for all of us... you have been through some Major life changes this year, once Hayden gets here you will settle into a new routine and things will begin to fall into place for you.


Jen said...

well that explains it... i called you on monday afternoon to see how you were doing and to chat. i left you a message and was wondering why you didn't call me back. but, now i see that you probably didn't get that message b/c you guys didn't have power. i thought maybe you had gone to the hospital. i even called my mom last night to see if she had heard anything. she said that she heard parker didn't have power. hope you are feeling good...it's almost time for hayden!! i'll try and email you sometime...maybe tonight.

McMom said...

You go girl!! I should read it over again too!!

Unknown said...

I'm glad you have your power back. We are so fortunate to have a completely reliable power system, and for most of us we have no idea the extraordinary work that it takes to maintain it on an hourly, daily, and long term basis.

When we had our big storm here, it took one of my co-workers 9 days to get her power back in late December and toward the end she was very tearful just trying to deal with her animals and trying to keep clean and fed.

I'm counting down the days with you!

Anonymous said...

Well believe it or not.... reading your post helped me......... too many things to make me sad or mad or depressed or fearful...... I get to choose.......... I look forward to the arrival of Hayden.. I need to know what you are in need of?

Aunt D