Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Too Big Belly

A trip to the doctor today ended in scheduling an ultrasound to see how big the baby is. Apparently the doctor feels that my belly is just a little big and wants to make sure the baby isn't too big. She's the first doctor (there are five of them in the practice.) that has said I'm measuring big. Everyone else says I'm right on track, so it could be just the ways she measured. I'm not really sure what she expects considering I'm all of 5'4 and David is 6'2. I'm not worried about it at all and put very little faith in their ability to determine Hayden's weight based on an ultrasound. It will be nice to see my little guy again. In only a few weeks I'll be seeing him face to face. I can't wait!
The transition from living on two incomes to living on one is difficult. I've never been a big spender, but that was probably because I knew I could spend if I wanted to. Knowing I can't spend makes me desperate to buy anything. Silly brain!
Speaking of frivolous spending, I really want this
I know it's not a necessity, and would only get a few months use, but it's so sweet and I'm imagining the great photos I could take. :)

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Kristen said...

Yep, they all measure differently. Some will say you are too small, some too large. Sounds like you aren't too worried--that's good!

I know what you mean about spending...

That Moses basket is beautiful!

Emma said...

Yay for getting to see your boy again. You're right not to worry. Some doctors are really good at making woman worry, but they can be up to 2 pound wrong in guessing a baby's weight. Keep up the good attitude!

Y said...

I know what you mean about spending. When my account is full, I don't care if we're out of everything in the house. Let it get near empty, and suddenly I must go to Sam's Club and buy 5000 rolls of toilet paper immediately.

I want to just mail you my sister's Moses basket. She might just let me if I sweet talk her... They are so cute for pictures. I regret that when I had Mia, I had no money for extras. Poor kid. LOL

Kelli said...

I'm the same way about spending money. Shows us how much of our spending issues are mental, doesn't it?!

We didn't have anything cute for the twins to sleep in when they were babies, so we bought this adorable bassinette for Cece. Beautiful wood frame, all white and frilly, and really classy unlike some of them. However, I don't think we used it more than twice. If that. Not that you wouldn't, because we ended up co-sleeping, otherwise we may have. But, I always was so sad that we didn't get more use out of it. Oh well, I it was so beautiful I really enjoyed just looking at it! So maybe it was good for something. :)

No worries about the measurements. Who really cares what they say, you're baby will be the size it's going to be regardless of people making you worry. Also, chubby babies are the best anyway, right?! I loved my big chubby baby, and wouldn't have had it any other way.

BTW, what are you in need of for Hayden??

Unknown said...

Doctors love to measure. So what if you measure big, what do they do about that? Take a little off the top? Big babies happen. He's coming in a couple weeks. A COUPLE OF WEEKS omg!

I was at the store yesterday finding dresses for the girls photoshoot, and found myself thumbing through the baby boy stuff and thinking about Hayden.

I get really tighwaddy when our money gets low. Ramen noodels anyone?