Monday, October 20, 2008

A silly little poem to celebrate fall!

What The Falling Leafs Say

I know what the falling leafs say.
Old Man Winter is on his way.

He's coming! He's coming! They quietly call,
As they slowly begin their fall.

They paint the sky in brilliant hues,
shouting out their dreadful news.

They twist , turn, and spin in the air.
Landing here, there, and everywhere!

Covering the earth like a calico sheet.
they rustle and crackle under my feet.

They sing a song of Winters return
and of the Summer days for which they yearn.

If you listen closely you will hear them call
Goodbye Summer. Hello Fall.


Kelli said...

I love love LOVE that picture of you and Hayden at the beginning of your post! Oh my goodness! SO adorable. You look beautiful!

So, I am finally sending off your gift today. :) Well, part of it. So you'll get part in a few days and part a few days after that. Sorry it has taken SO LONG!

Kristen said...

Yay! You look so beautiful, Sandra! What a great family shot!

Elaine said...

You look radiant!

Sandra said...

Aww. Thanks ladies. I feel so complete. It's like a part of our family that was missing is finally here only we didn't even know he was missing.

Unknown said...

you all look fantastic! i love your little sling, how close you keep him. He looks like a little punkin all in his orange. You look wonderful! Perfect.