Monday, January 19, 2009


The ground is winter white, the sky an amazing crystal blue, and the sun is shining. The temperature has increased substantially raising my spirits with it.

Yesterday was fun. After hauling load after load of wood with the use of my dad's four wheeler, David and Erin grilled hamburgers while I experimented with making lumpia, Filipino egg rolls. The filling was delicious and the wrapper was okay. It needed to be thinner, but I spent an hour rolling the dough out and was tired of rolling. Our bellies full, we settled in to watch the Steelers game and what a game it was! Best of all we made it to the Super Bowl. Admittedly I'm not much of a sports fan, but football is one of the games I can get into.


Denise said...

I love lumpia, made it all the time when we lived in Philippines... You can buy lumpia wrappers and not have to make them yourself.....but how fun to try.......... I can still taste them !!!!!!YUM !!!! and GO STEELERS!!!!!!!!! We have been Steelers fans ever since the boys were young! At least me and Chris.. Darryl is Dallas YUCK ! sooooo Dennis and I watched the game (I think it was the first football game I watched in entirety in years) So I guess we will be watching the Super Bowl! But we are really baseball fans! Go Cardinals!

Kristen said...

Fun, fun, fun! We had a sunny day, too, and it was soooo good to get some Vitamin D. Just back from a walk with the baby. :)

Be sure to post about your gardening exploits when the time comes, and congrats on Hayden's hard work! (BTW, I know how you feel about not having a job...part of me loves it, part of me feels so odd and in a way useless without one.)

Jen said...

Have you always been a Steelers fan?? Or has moving back to PA corrupted you?

Sandra said...

Aunt Denise, I'm going to have to disagree with you and root for the Pirates. :)

Kristen, I think we should both cut ourselves some slack over the job thing. We're doing important work. :)

Jen, we were and are 49er fans, but decided to start cheering for the Steelers when football season started this year. So, if there is ever a game between the two we'll be cheering for the 49ers. :)

aola said...

aaahhh, I feel all left out ... I miss Sooner football but not enough to get interested in NFL.

So, what kind of filling does lumpia have?

Unknown said...

The Chinese joint right down the road does an amazing lumpia!

I'm really in a bind over who to root for on Superbowl Sunday.

The Cardinals totally sukked all season, then parlayed a wild card spot and got in.... I hate them.

The Steelers got a superbowl ring when they played the Seahawks, depriving my husband of ultimate joy.... I hate them too.

McMom said...

We had beautiful weather here too!

I love lumpia! We are not really into football here, but I do know my bots didn't like it when the Steelers beat the Seahawks either.