Saturday, September 26, 2009

Hayden's first birthday party was a success. Of course the combination of presents and chocolate cake is almost always a success. He plowed into his cake as if it were second nature. He must get his love of all things chocolate from me. :) He had a blast running away from us and trying to make it all the way up the steps before we caught him. He played with a few of his new toys and chased after balloons. And now he is sleeping soundly despite the noise from the power tools David is using to build his most recently ordered poker table.

In the middle of party planning and visiting with David's dad I interviewed for a new job on Friday. It's with Life Touch studios in the JC Penny portrait studio. I'm excited about the prospect of learning more about the studio side of photography. I had thought it would be a bland job where I place one kid after another in the same boring setting and click the shutter, but there seems to be much more creative license than I thought. The studio is full of props and back drops. I filled out the background check and as soon as that has processed they'll hopefully give me a job offer. The lady I interviewed with said she thought I was an excellent fit for the position. I'll wait to see what the hours are going to be like before I sign off at Ross. I enjoy my job there, but the hours are so few and they've been calling me off about once every other week. I need something a little more steady than that.


Kristen said...

Very cool! Hope you get the job!

aola said...

Good Luck on the job!

Hayden's party looked like so much fun... move over Martha!!

funny, I was standing at line in Walmart the other day watching the girl work in the photo studio and thought "hmmm, that might be fun" I hope it is for you.

E. Michelle said...

would definitely be more fun than Ross, right?

Sandra said...

Thanks ladies!

Yes, E. I think it will be more fun than Ross. I hope so anyway.

Denise said...

If she has any say at all, Chris will not be allowed in..... Darryl did not tell us, Chris found out by accident. He called Darryl to tell him about Dad and Darryl told him he could not come down because he had just got out of the hospital. That is how we found out......... I do not know what in the world I will do with all this......... but I will go when he has surgery.. I might have to wait in a different part of the hospital but I will be there..