Wednesday, September 09, 2009

I'm being rebellious this evening. My house is a mess and I'm not cleaning it. I'm at least putting off cleaning it long enough to write this post, and the funny thing is I have no idea what I'll write. As I type Erin is eating a bowl of ice cream for dinner and Hayden is crawling towards me with tears streaming down his face. Erin won't give him any of her ice cream. These are the joys of parenting that no magazine can accurately portray.
The past week went by in a frenzy. Gina, Thomas, Jaliel, and Matias filled our home with their presence and at times their loud screaming and tantrum throwing. Life with a three year old seems to be a bit frantic! It's a good thing I have another two years before I have to gain any first hand knowledge. Jaliel and Matias are both cutie pies and it was great to have them here. We managed to make a trip to the Childrens Museum of Pittsburgh, Primanti Brothers for one of Pittsburgh's most famous sandwiches. It was delicious! We also attended the local Labor Day Parade, and had a wonderful campfire complete with smores with a small celebration for Jen's Birthday. The best part of the week was wine tasting at Foxburg Wine Cellars and desert at the Allegheny Grille. We also enjoyed chocolates from Divani Chocolates. Foxburg really is quite the tourist attraction. It's nice to have something like that so close to our tiny town.

In a little less than two weeks David's dad will be here and we'll be off on new adventures. For now David is finishing up his time at Wal-Mart and eagerly anticipating his new job. Erin is settling in to the routine of a new school year. Hayden is trying to adapt to life without two other kidlets running around. And I am reveling in the feeling of having booked my first wedding for next year!

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aola said...

you sound really busy! don't forget to take time for Sandra.