Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bonnie & Luke

Editing when I should be sleeping.

Bonnie & Luke are a lovely couple whose wedding I will have the pleasure of photographing next summer. We visited Foxburg today during their annual Fall Festival. I was a little worried that the sun wasn't going to cooperate, you never know what to expect here in the fall. The leaves were stunningly beautiful! I notice the change daily and it always takes my breath away. What an amazing season!


aola said...

OMG, the colors are amazing... are they really that bright?

Sandra said...

Yep they are that bright! These two trees are by erin's school. I hope to get a few more sessions in before the leaves are gone.

Kristen said...

Love, love, love. That kissie one on the far right....mmmmmm. Lovely.