Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lanterns: A Gathering of Stories

Admittedly it was the cover photo that drew me to this book. I think I've mentioned before that I often buy books based on their cover. For me, the cover of this book says a million things that words can not. Enough about the cover. The book is soul food. I'm reading it slowly and letting each word resonate. So far, my favorite story has been "The Only One Club" by Jena Strong.
Here is a very small excerpt from the story.

"We're all those other people, people. All this only-one-ness, all this aloneness, is an illusion. Yes, we're all the only one of something. Yes, we all have shame and obsession and ineptitude and fashion-challenges and judgment and isolation. We are human! And then we share. We share stories, we share lives. We ask questions and listen. We connect. We remember. We're ALL the only ones. "

Who knew that I could have so much in common with a Jewish mother of two from Vermont? But that is the very point of her story. For all our differences, real or imagined, we are all very much the same. Allowing myself to feel the truth of that brings me comfort and gives me strength. Despite how it may feel at times, we are not alone in this. The more we share the more we know how connected we are.

For more great reading visit Jena's blog, bullseye, baby. I also recommend buying the book, Lanterns: A Gathering of Stories by Jennifer McGuiggan and friends.


jena strong said...

Alone and together and so very alike, I'm sure.

Kristen said...

Blogging and my internet friends have really taught me this lesson. I am NOT alone.

Love the cover, too!

Sandra said...

It helps me to me reminded of it sometimes. :)