Saturday, February 06, 2010

We are blanketed in snow with crystal blue skies. It's breathtakingly beautiful. I'm ready for spring but trying to enjoy winter too. When else can you cuddle up on the couch and do nothing simply because your car is snowed in? At what other time in the year can you free fall to the ground and make a snow angel?

Erin's 14th birthday came and went without much fanfare. She managed to get herself grounded the week of her birthday. Usually I would relent given that a birthday comes only once a year, but I fear that relenting has been my downfall and so I've stuck to it even though it broke my heart to do so. We'll have a little something for her and a few friends next weekend to celebrate. Maybe that is still relenting but at least for this week she's been stuck in her room with nothing that requires electricity other than her lights. She's fought me tooth and nail. She's moaned, groaned, grumbled, banged her fists against the wall, told me I was stupid, and stomped her feet. All to no avail. In her room she sits and that is where she will stay until Monday morning.

Hayden is a mess. He climbs on everything. Today he climbed up into his high chair all by himself. He also likes to hit things. He bangs little toys hammers against the floor, the dog, the couch, and even my head. As he bangs he says "Owe!" over and over again as if he is hurting himself. He loves kisses. In the morning he wraps his tiny arms around my neck and plasters me with kisses. He then gives kisses to his daddy and then back to me again and back and forth until we are all wide awake and smiling. He also knows to give kisses when he's done something wrong. How do they learn so young? He kisses the dogs and the cat. Today he even gave kisses to his toys.

David is enjoying work and building poker tables. He's finishing up and amazing octagon table that has taken up the majority of his time lately. We'll all be happy to see it finished and out the door.


Kristen said...

Baby kisses are hands-down the best. :)

Happy birthday to Erin this week then! (Way to stand your ground, Mama.)

aola said...

I've said it to you over and over but I will say it again.. you are the best thing that ever happened to Erin and one of these days she will understand that.

Zoe is pretty stingy with her kisses except for her Mama but every once in a while she graces me with one (she does like to snuggle with me though which is just as good)I love those kisses.

be sure to post a picture of the new table!