Monday, August 23, 2010

Wild Women

Years ago as we were just giving birth to this sisterhood of bloggers, I had a vision a glimpse of something. Since then I have searched for the words to describe what I saw so clearly in my mind. A few days ago as I was reading WWRWW I skipped to the end of the book. It was there that I found a few of the words I was looking for.

"We are born and reborn night after night from this same wild dream, and we return to daylight grasping a coarse hair, the soles of our feet black with damp earth, our hair smelling like ocean, or forest or cook fire....... Let us admit it. We women are building a motherland; each with her own plot of soil eked from a night of dreams, a day of work. We are spreading this soil in larger and larger circles, slowly, slowly. One day it will be a continuous land, a resurrected land come back from the dead. Munda de la Madre, psychic motherworld, coexisting and coequal with all other worlds. This world is being made from our lives, our cries, our laughter, our bones. It is a world worth making, a world worth living in, a world in which there is a prevailing and decent wild sanity."

The image I had was of our bare feet pounding the earth creating a rhythm that vibrated through us and out of us in the form of wild laughter. There was an intensely deep feeling of connection.

I still don't have the exact words to describe my vision, but I keep it tucked away waiting for the perfect words to come.


Unknown said...

I'd love to see a world run by women.

Denise said...

I have a box started for you. Pictures and that train clock from Dad's room.. Please let me have your address again...... I promise to send to you in a month or so...


aola said...

Oh, I love this post.. big, wild woman hugs to you.

I read the Butterfly Woman story the other day... a big, old, wild woman dancing with power and understanding.

May we all become Butterfly women!

Sandra said...

Cara don't women run the world already? :)

Aola, I just read that story after reading your comment. Here's to becoming Butterfly Women!

Kristen said...

Beautiful. I will do a little stamp-of-the-feet for you up here in WashingtonLand. :)