Friday, August 20, 2010

Where has summer gone?  Wasn't it only yesterday the snow was melting and things began to warm up?  I am not ready for another winter, but winter will come with or without my consent.  For now, I'm soaking up as much of the sun as I can, enjoying every last ray of it.  I'm looking forward to fall festivals, pumpkin picking, and warm apple cider.
The garden is still growing despite my complete inability to take care of it on a regular basis.  We are going over tonight to water, weed, and pick green beans.  Afterward we'll  all go out for ice cream.
Friday's with my grandma haven't panned out exactly the way I thought they would.  They've been filled up with appointment after appointment after stinking appointment.  Most of the time she is even busier than I am.
 I have a few photos from the garden.  These were taken about a month ago.

grandma in the garden
Grandma working in the garden. 
hayden helping pick green beans
Hayden helping grandma pick green beans. 
green beans
Green beans! 
first zucchini
Our first zucchini! 
yellow mater
The yellow tomatoes have done much better than the Brandywine and red tomatoes. 
funny cucumber
Funny little cucumber. 
baby melon
My little baby melon.  We have three others now! 


aola said...

I love, love, love the pictures!!

How is Grandma doing?

Summer can't leave fast enough for me.

aola said...

oh, and how do you get your photos so big on here?

Kristen said...

Love the pictures. HayHay's little blonde curls drive me nuts. They are so adorable.

I'm with ya on summer. Don't want it to end, but can't do anything about unless I'm willing to move to Mexico. :) I do love wearing boots (found some cute ones at walmart that will actually fit over my calves) and tights and drinking pumpkin spice lattes so... :)

Sandra said...

A, grandma seems to be doing okay. She's still forgetting things, but doesn't seem to be any worse.
Thanks for the comments on the pictures! To get them that size I re-size them in photoshop ( I think the dimensions are something like 800x750) and upload them to From there you can add the link to your blog post and they show up big and pretty. :) I don't like the size options on blogger. If you want/need better instructions I can e-mail you. I'm awful at explaining things.

Kristen, remembering the parts of fall/winter that I love help a little. I do wish I were closer to a Starbucks so peppermint mocha and I could meet on a regular basis. :)

aola said...

yeah, I don't like the blogger options. I think I will go back to doing it like I used to. Thanks.

Unknown said...

These are wonderful! I'll have to shoot my tomato festival tomorrow for you all to see!

colorchic said...

Oh my gosh! These are the best photos of gardening I've seen this summer! Love your picture of Grandma!
Have a great day and enjoy what we have left of summer. Today is our first rain in awhile and I can't say I'm ready for it.

Sandra said...

Thank you! I plan on soaking up all of the remaining rays of sunshine that I can. :)