Wednesday, September 15, 2010

I will think of you
when an organ plays.
when the burgundy leaves of Autumn begin to fall.
when soft sweet tones of an old hymn fill the space between us.

I will think of you
when I pass an old dirt road it's dust kicking up behind me.
when I snap green beans fresh from the garden.
when I hear the theme song from "Fall Guy".

I will think of you
when I fill in the last blocks of a crossword puzzle.
when I make pot roast for dinner and serve it with slices of bread and butter.
when I graduate next September, a nurse just like you.


aola said...

I'm not sure I knew she was a nurse, I only knew her after she retired. I always liked Helen Walsh. When I think of her I will always remember Restoration Fellowship and the two Helens. They always made me smile and what wonderful hugs and prayers they always gave out so freely.

Unknown said...


Sandra said...

A, I will remember that too. She was truly a sweet and loving woman. When I think of her I remember how well taken care of I felt with her weather it was making a pile of blankets in the living room for us kids to sleep on or toasting the bread to make a sandwich for me she always knew how to care for those around her. I'm not sure it was always translated in the way we expect "love" to be translated, but it was always left me feeling nurtured.
Thank you for your memories A.

Thank you Cara.